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    newbie requires help

    Hi there,

    I've downloaded a tutorial from this site entitled:

    MIDP20: Introduction to Secure MIDLet Communication

    dated 08-Mar-04

    I downloaded the necessary files compiled and ran the example whiteboard application. Everything seems to be working, however, I have a question regarding the encountering of certificates over an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) connection.

    When I run the WhiteboardMIDlet it tries to connect to a secure server I am running and naturally encounters my self-signed certificate. So, the midlet application immediately throws the CertificateException because it doesn't recognize the authenticity of the certificate.

    In a normal browser, like Internet Explorer on a pc, when you encounter a secure website and it shows a questionable certificate, you are given the option to accept access to the website regardless and to include the certificate as one that is trusted in a list that IE keeps.

    I'm new to mobile development, and don't know a great deal about cellular phones, but I'm trying to understand if ordinarily a phone would operate the same as any browser would as described in the previous paragraph?

    I ask this only because when I ran the whiteboard application, it showed me the details of the certificate, which was fine, but it didn't give me any options to proceed regardless, or include the certificate copy as part of any list. The pdf tutorial file included with the example doesn't touch on any of this type of problem.

    How do I work around this so that I can continue to test the rest of the example?


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    Re: newbie requires help

    hi Allan,

    most probably certificate used on your server side must match the root certificates installed on device you are using:
    "Device/Phone">"Settings" >"Security">"Certificates management section"


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    Re: newbie requires help

    After having followed the link you provided and several others, I'm inclined to agree with you. That kinda sucks though. You would think there would be a generic standard way for all these devices to offer options when encountering a certificate over ssl:

    1) to proceed or not
    2) to include a copy of a certificate as part of a root list

    It would seem the industry still has a way to go to iron such things out. I have a major web application in which I was considering including access to accounts via cellular phones, but this business of certificate authenication is preventing me from furthering my research into this. I'll just have to wait some more until they get things worked out. Too bad. I could have used it now.

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