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    Notice from ForumNokia -- sample Java code...

    If you're wanting to create MMS messages with our Java Library, there are samples that come with the library itself, but they don't include a full ...multipart.related sample with SMIL presentation part, etc...

    We have just published the following sample code to fill this gap:
    "Sample MMS Creation - 2-Slide Message with SMIL Part"

    path Main:Technologies:Messaging:Multimedia Messagingevelopment & Toolsevelopment and Testing


    direct link -- http://forum.nokia.com/files/nds_disclaimer/1,1183,2453,00.html

    -paul / ForumNokia

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    RE: Notice from ForumNokia -- sample Java code...

    Hi! We've been getting some questions, so here is a clarification:

    The .mms file that results from this code is *NOT* intended
    to be sent directly to an actual mobile terminal. As stated
    in the accompanying readme.txt, it can be e.g. copied to
    MMSIN directory of the Series 60 emulator.

    To send the message via EAIF emulators is definitely
    possible, it's just a bit more complicated to explain.
    At the end of the EAIF emulator User's Guide is a UseCase
    explaining how to set up two EAIF emulators, one to test
    OriginatingApplication(OA), the other to
    TerminatingApplication(TA). If you configure the OA version
    so that the MMSIN parameter points to the Series60 emulator's
    MMSIN directory, messages received by that EAIF emulator are
    stored in that directory, and thus, will be displayed
    automatically in the Series60 emulator. By default I believe
    it looks something like this:


    (This is in the eaifem.properties file -- see EAIF emulator documentation for details.)

    -paul / ForumNokia

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    I swear, I'm one of those guys who needs his mother to help him find his glasses on the front of his face, but anyway...

    I have really struggled to find the location of the NMSS v1.0 API. It took me hours to find the link to it, only because I was trying to avoid the link which said NMSS 1.1 API (which was the version I knew didn't work)... but eventually found a link under that which promised what I wanted...

    But now I go there and it appears to be removed! The page with the broken link is

    And the broken link is:

    Am I going to the right place? Can I just get the url of where to pick this up? I bet I've been staring it down this whole time somewhere really obvious....

    Thanks again...

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    I am wanting to use SMIL in an MMS message too. I have noticed through this forum that I am supposed to use Nokia Mobile Server v1.0 libraries.

    However when I go to download this I get the message 'The link you followed is either outdated, inaccurate, or the server has been instructed not to let you have it'.

    So where can we get the v1.0 libraries?

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    reh and benblack -- I just tried the download and didn't have any troubles. Where are you located?

    Here's the link I used 2 get the library:

    -paul / ForumNokia

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