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Thread: unicode problem

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    Unhappy unicode problem

    Some following unicode characters not appears: Ө=04E8(Cyrillic capital letter barred O) ө=04E9(Cyrillic small letter barred O) Ү=04AE(Cyrillic capital letter straight U) ү=04AF(Cyrillic small letter straight U)
    These are Mongolian cyrillic letters extended from Russian.
    I want to be: http://www.geocities.com/ebayaraa/Te...ColorPhone.gif

    In some phones:
    Nokia 7210

    Sony Ericsson K750

    Siemens S55, C60

    And NetBeans project:

    How can i do?

    My currently solve is using Greek letter Θ instead of (Ө, ө) and latin V,v instead of (Ү, ү). Of course it is inadequaty.
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    Re: unicode problem

    Hi bayaraa! Welcome to Nokia Discussion Boards!!

    May be you should try encoding with UTF-8. Also please ensure that the desired charectors/language is supported by your phone.


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    Re: unicode problem

    Hi, thank you.

    Yes, encoded with UTF-8. At that no phone supported the Mongolian language. How to ensure is phone supported with these characters?
    If you to try write Mongolian: On Windows XP, add Mongolian (Cyrillic) in Input Locales. Locations are on keyboard: Letter Ө on latin F, Letter Ү on latin O.

    By the way, Can add the Mongolian support for phone interface and input languages?

    Sorry, I'm not good in English.

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    Re: unicode problem

    Even if Unicode can be used to encode all known written languages, all devices won't display all possible characters for all possible Unicode code points, unless the font you use includes a glyph for that particular code point.

    If the font being used does not have the character, a default substitution/placeholder is usually the blank/white square.

    The best way to ensure that you get a font with sufficient support for the language(s) you want is to get a phone intended for that market (a, so called, language variant that includes support for that language).

    In some cases, with some devices, you can also install your own fonts. Sometimes you can even replace system fonts, but in others they will only be usable for your own apps that know how to use that font.

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    Re: unicode problem

    If nokia OS have font, how to install it?

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    Re: unicode problem


    AFAIK there's no way to install new fonts on Nokia OS based devices.


    Juarez Jr

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