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    Unhappy unicode problem

    Some following unicode characters not appears: Ө=04E8(Cyrillic capital letter barred O) ө=04E9(Cyrillic small letter barred O) Ү=04AE(Cyrillic capital letter straight U) ү=04AF(Cyrillic small letter straight U)
    These are Mongolian cyrillic letters extended from Russian.
    I want to be: http://www.geocities.com/ebayaraa/Te...ColorPhone.gif

    In some phones:
    Nokia 7210

    Sony Ericsson K750

    Siemens S55, C60

    And NetBeans project:

    How can i do?

    My currently solve is using Greek letter Θ instead of (Ө, ө) and latin V,v instead of (Ү, ү). Of course it is inadequaty.
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