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    hi guys,
    stuck again my game is now working perfectly fine on nokia 6600 but when i exit it gives application error. can any one pls give me idea what can be possible reason for this.
    steps that i took to remove this error although i don't know reasons are as follows
    1. nullified all class refrences in exit.
    2.nullified all resources in seprate functions called by exit :
    still problem presisits
    3.i have also changed firm ware vesions.still same issue is arising pls help me atleast with info that what can be possible cause of this application error
    if this problem has already been discussed pls give me link to thread

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    Re: app


    are you using any special api (which uses phone resources) in your game?


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    Re: app

    In case you missed, please go though the threads(Thread handling) in your game and also ensure that extensive RecordStore access is not done while exiting the game. Also would like to know whether you have tried in any other similar platform device. Could you reproduce the behaviour in any other device?


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