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    Multilanguage support / S60 3rd

    I have multilanguage support and resource file .r01, r02 etc.

    by using this lines in .pkg file I can provide selection of language during install:

    What about switching languages on run-time? Is it possible on symbian 9 at all? As I can see, most of built-in applications do change language after phone language is changed. I need the same for my application.

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    Re: Multilanguage support / S60 3rd

    If you install all .rxx files instead of a selected as .rsc, the system will (might?) try to choose the appropriate one via BaflUtils::NearestLanguageFile(). I have not tried it on 3rd edition, but it is still in the SDK Help :-) (CEikApplication and "How to localise resources")

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    Re: Multilanguage support / S60 3rd

    Yes exactly. Install all language files in your PKG file and the nearest language will be selected at run time.

    To test this, install your SIS file and switch languages on the phone.

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    Re: Multilanguage support / S60 3rd

    It works great!

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