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    Isometric Engine (Open Source)

    Hey this is just something I've been working on lately. It still has a ways to go, but I thought someone might find some code/algorithms usable.

    The world editor:

    The mobile client running on my Nokia 6630:


    svn co --username anonymous --password anonymous http://orbisstudios.com/svn/desolo

    All projects require NetBeans 5.0, Java SE 6 Mustang, and any J2ME WTK.

    The main projects are:
    - isoeditor (Editor)
    - desolo (Mobile client)
    - DebugServer (Debug server/proxy for mobile client over bluetooth)

    These projects are libraries that are copied to each main project in a pre-compile step:
    - oCommon (common engine files)
    - oMathFP (fixed-point math library)
    - jzlib (zip compression)

    These are actual libraries:
    - jappo (code preprocessor)
    - proguard (code obfuscation)
    - comm (COM port library)

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    Re: Isometric Engine (Open Source)

    Hi, I'm starting with isometric engines.
    It seems from your site that you put a lot of work into yours.
    Can I ask you where did you got your inspiration? What other engines did you look at?

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    Re: Isometric Engine (Open Source)

    That's very impressive indeed.

    Just a tip: if you want to show it working on your 6630, you can take screenshots instead of taking a picture with an external camera. Just use Screenshot for Symbian OS.

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    Re: Isometric Engine (Open Source)

    who can give me a copy of this sofeware and source(the desolo_snapshot_080206.zip)
    my email: beihuajun@163.com

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