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    testing midlets in real mobiles...

    hi friends, i have three doubts:
    1- how can i test a midlet in a real mobile with a trusted domain, can I get a personal certificate?, or upload an Authority Certificate to the mobile and then sign a midlet with that certificate or whatever?.
    2- what is the importance of permissions, I tested a signed(by emulator) application (on the emulator) with permissions(to sensitive operations) and I got same results without permissions, so I don't understaind clearly its importance.
    Can you tellme something about?
    3- if I buy a certificate to a CA, can I sign all applications I want with that(unique) certificate?, can I buy a personal certificate for personal use only?

    thanks to you, Soraya

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    Re: testing midlets in real mobiles...

    hi Soraya,

    start with Hartti's post which gathers links to signing procedure, security settings, etc,
    it can be that you don't have to any signing, its depends on api you are using, sometimes simply providing api permissions to application descriptor is enough,

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