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    Exclamation Issue with Carbide.c++ Express

    I am new to symbian. I am using Carbide.c++ express and tried to create a new project of type "C++ application for S60 project". When I try to build the project, it gives me an error "ERROR:File Not Found C:\Documents.bmp".
    I did not make any modification to what Carbide generated.

    Thanks in advance

    Can anyone help?


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    Re: Issue with Carbide.c++ Express

    moved to appropriate discussion topic

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    Re: Issue with Carbide.c++ Express

    Quote Originally Posted by rmulam
    "ERROR:File Not Found C:\Documents.bmp".
    Can it happen that your project resides in C:\Documents and Settings\...? In this case set your workspace to a location containing no spaces in its path.

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