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    Question Testing and Distribution?

    Allo. :)

    So, I've been puttering around in making java programs for my cellphone...
    (I'll admit it, I haven't bothered learning C++ yet. whoopsies...)
    But I have two issues...
    The first is testing on multiple devices. I mean, they work on MY phone, but who knows if they'd work on anyone else's? Any advice on this?
    (as it is, I know they tend to not work so great on my sister's phone, because hers is an underpowered piece of crap)

    And second, if I ever actually finish one of these things, I'd like to think that someone could actually, um, play one? Do any of you know of a site that accepts submissions? (In case you couldn't guess, I'm not looking to make any money off this; just want a way of distributing something for free)

    Sorry if these are dumb questions. :)

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    Re: Testing and Distribution?

    hi bladestorm,

    as to testing,
    base minimum requirements are usually:
    test on every emulator/sdk you develop for, that is run on every emulator for given devices family (in nokia terms e.g. S60 2nd ED FP2 SDK, S60 3rd Ed FP1 SDK, etc, S40 3rd Ed FP1 SDK, and so on)
    that's basic requirements if you don't own real devices because for example you are self-employed developer, java mobile enthusiast, etc

    "real devices"
    you need to have at least one device which is called sometims "reference device for a platform" - that is device which uses mosts of given platform features,
    that is for example you need Nokia 6131 device for tests againts S40 3rd Ed FP1, N70 for tests againts S60 2nd Ed FP3, and so on (not sure about exact "reference device" version - but that's how it goes,
    as you can see it could be quite large number of devices to allow you to perform tests for every device in given devices family (all manufactures has "families" of devices),

    it would be the best if you could on every device from given family - but sometimes that is not possible,

    for more info just browse your Nokia SDK docs, they include a lot of info,
    go to NF main page and search for "testing" keyword - it will find additional docs about j2me tests writen by Nokia,
    for example:

    if you want your application to be signed with javaverified certificate read info on that site:

    unfortunately I don't know resource for J2me open source signed distribution like that is on symbian:
    but maybe someone will add more information for you,

    as for testing by potential users - just use web - make a website about your game, start bloggin and join some mobile-game users forums to promote yourself, that is how some good well know software started to exists - say Shozu java application,


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    Re: Testing and Distribution?


    If you will ever finish your game project, you can submit it to http://www.hostj2me.com/

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    Re: Testing and Distribution?

    That's a possible one axs, thanks. :)

    And Peter... the problem is, I'm just goofing around during the summer. (just got my undergraduate degree in comp sci, and starting my masters in september)

    Not looking to do 'real' testing... I don't think I even have those emulators. :)
    I just wrote a couple programs for my 6670, and though it'd be neat if someone else could try'em out too.

    Incidentally, would anyone here care to help test out a Scorched Earth style game? (or is it inappropriate to ask that?)

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