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    Cannot debug my program.........


    While Building Epoc program in VC++6, i get a warning
    EDLL.LIB(UP_DLL.obj) : warning LNK4099: PDB "edll.pdb" was not found with "\Program\Symbian\6.1\Series60\EPOC32\RELEASE\WINS\UDEB\EDLL.LIB" or at "F:\Program\Symbian\6.1\Series60\EPOC32\RELEASE\WINS\UDEB\Z\SYSTEM\APPS\BUTTON_ONE\edll.pdb"; linking o
    bject as if no debug info

    And I cannot debug my program.........what is wrong?

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    RE: Cannot debug my program.........

    The warning just means that you can not debug the Epoc emulator code, you can still debug the code you have written with no problems.

    Assuming you have created an application in VC6, hit F5. It will ask you to specify an executable. You want to run the Epoc emulator which is found in (something like)


    The emulator should run, and you'll probably get a warning dialog about EDLL.PDB not being around, just click "OK". Your application should be found in the "Others" folder.

    Insert any breakpoints you need into visual studio, select you application in the emulator and you should be able to debug to your hearts content.

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    RE: Cannot debug my program.........

    I'll take you problems one at a time.

    1 the debugger wants the path for UD_DLL.CPP

    This is the source code for the emulator framework. We don't have this, but don't worry about it. It does not stop you debugging your code.

    2 Why the debugger goes into assembly mode? How can I debug and step through my program in normal mode?

    The debugger has gone into assembly mode because it could not find the source path for the above file.

    It sounds to me that the real problem is that you are not familiar with how to debug code in VC6. Your application code sits on top of a huge amount of Epoc emulator framework code, you do not want to step through all that just to get to the bit you want to debug ! I recommend the following :

    1 Remove all you current breakpoints.
    2 Add a breakpoint in the following functions :

    YourApplicationAppUi::HandleCommandL(TInt aCommand)
    - this breakpoint should get hit whenever you choose a menu option.

    YourApplicationView::Draw(const TRect& aRect) const
    - this breakpoint should get hit whenever the applications draws to the screen.

    Now, just run you application and select menu options and play with it. Once your breakpoints have been hit,look at any data you want, then hit F5 to carry on running the enulator. Hopefully your breakpoints will get hit, and you will see how the emulator and debugger work together.

    I think if you try it, you will seen begin to understand how the emulator and debugger work.

    Good luck !

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