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    signing application

    hi all,
    i created a medlet application using netbeans.
    my application need to create file in the root directory , or in folder that i create in the phone and download files to it, i'ts working fine in image directory. i can create file and open the file and write on it only in that directory. when i try in other folder it give me access Denied.
    i got a Digital Certificate from VeriSign, and after i signed my application it give me same result.
    any suggestion for that. itry my application on nokia 9500 & nokia 6630.

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    Re: signing application


    it will probably need some more feedback from someone else, but according to Nokia Java Developers Library docs:
    In particular, MIDlets located in the trusted third-party and untrusted domains have access only to a set of designated public directories including those for images, videos, public files, and a private directory assigned to each MIDlet for its own usage. This is one reason why using virtual roots is recommended since access to the Images/ root may be allowed but doing traversal from e:/ to e:/Nokia/Images/may not allowed, because e: could not be accessible by a MIDlet.
    that signing with 3rd party certificate does NOT change what dirs (and files within dirs) can be accessed for READ/WRITE/READ_WRITE - that cannot be changed,
    File API also contains the “restricted access to the directory” concept. This is needed if a user starts to navigate, for example, from root to c:/data/Images/ directory (the fileconn.dir.photos property points to that directory).
    so according to that doc:
    3rd Party Trusted/Untrusted MIDlet on S60:
    Designated public directories and files therein
    in S40 access for all domains is the same (designated public dirs)

    try using Memory Card virtual directory (which is in public access if I'm correct): - file://Memory card/ on S60 virtual path,


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