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    Unhappy Code Warrior Problem!!!

    Hello friends,
    I have created my own Application using CW for S60-3rd.

    1)CW->File->New->Symbian Project Wizard-> C:\Test->
    2)Vendor->Nokia->s60 S60_3rd_MR
    3)Series60->APP->Generate Platform......(Checked)
    4)Platform Selection(Blank)

    Now in my application i want to use RFile.
    I implemeted RFile successfully.

    Now i am able to compile and make it from Command Line.
    -bldmake bldfiles
    -abld build winscw udeb

    Uptill now everything worked fine for me.
    I can see my changes in Emulator very well.

    Now i want to debug my project.
    But it gives me Linking error regarding RFile and it's family members.

    I was getting same error in 2nd Edition also but at that time i used to
    abld build vc6 and then i used to call my project from c:\Symbian\s602nd...\BUILD\..
    I was able to debug like this in 2nd edition using VC++ IDE.

    But now as far as Code Warrior is concerned, i m very new to it.
    So i don't find any solution. It's frustrating.
    What are the changes i need to do to debug my Project in CW?

    Hope for yr reply.

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    Re: Code Warrior Problem!!!

    You need to link against efsrv.lib (the library for filesystem access).

    You can do this through the CodeWarrior GUI (add the library to the list of those you already link against). Or you can add it to the MMP file and regenerate the codewarrior project.

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