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    GCCE was not found on the PATH environment variable


    i'm a newbie, so it may be possible that my problem is really easy to solve

    I was tring to compile the uiq 3.0 template (without any modifications) with carbide.c++ express :
    - in "uiq 3.0 emulotor debug" mode, no problems, work perfectly.
    - in "uiq 3.0 phone (GCCE) release" mode, do not work .

    The problem log is :
    *** [src/sampleApplication.o] Error 2 sample
    *** [src/sampleAppUi.o] Error 2 sample
    *** [src/sampleDocument.o] Error 2
    *** [src/sampleView.o] Error 2 sample

    So, by reading some topics, i find that i have this line in my "Error Log" :
    ->Error 2006-08-05 18:53:13.109 GCCE was not found on the PATH environment variable. GCCE targets will not build.

    So the problem should come from that. The problem is that i do not know how to solve it.

    I installed the uiq3.0 sdk which installed for me "perl" and "CSL Arm Toolchain".
    Have i to install something else, or to do something to get it works?


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    Re: A:Manually update PATH environment variable, see FAQ U

    Hi seb6084,

    I have found the answer in the very infomatative UIQ FAQ on Knowledge base at:-


    answer is manually update PATH

    The GCC-E compiler installation package is located in the /epoc32/tools/distrib folder and it is called arm-none-symbianelf-2005-q1c.exe.
    After the installation the PATH variable have to be updated manually since the GCC-E installation does not do that for you: you must add the GCC-E compiler path (by default C:\Program Files\CSL Arm Toolchain\bin) to your PATH variable.
    Obviously this depends on the drive you used.(C: in example)
    Hope this helps
    Good Luck

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    Re: GCCE was not found on the PATH environment variable

    Hi jimgilmour1,

    think you for help now it works !

    I just took a time to understand that to change the "path" variable, i have to do it directly in the windows environnement variables !

    thinks again,
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