Hi All,
I am trying to put progress bar in my applicaton, for that i have used CEikProgressInfo class to display the pgrogress info on the screen.

I have used following code to draw the progress bar.

CEikProgressInfo::SInfo info;
info.iHeight = 20;
info.iWidth = 120;
info.iFinalValue = 10;

iPBar = new( ELeave ) CEikProgressInfo( info );
iPBar->SetPosition( TPoint( 20, 40 ) );

It does draws progress bar but the problem is that i am not able to set the size of the bar. for e.g if i have to put the bar so that it covers 1/3(one third ) of the screen, the ( info.iHeight, info.iWidth ) values while putting other values doesn't seemed to have any effect also the default progress bar is always shown.
Kindly give me some guidance, as how shall i resize my progress bar.
Thanks a lot.