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    In CEikGlobalTextEditor copy paste problem

    Hi all,

    I am using CEikGlobalTextEditor in my view class.In this I am not able to copy and paste text .

    But if I write something in it and then move the cursor one character left and select the Option menu then it does copy/paste but when the focus is on the CEikGlobalTextEditor first time it does not.
    i.e. to say Pencil button does nothing.It behaves as if it is disabled.
    Please help me why this is happening so.


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    Re: In CEikGlobalTextEditor copy paste problem

    Hi,maybe you didn't run the redraw function.There is a function named HandleGlobalChangeL() in the class CTextView. It can do the redraw work. And you can get the CTextView* from the CEikGlobalTextEditor object by CEikGlobalTextEditor->TextView().

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