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    N93 Help me!!!!!!

    Can any one tell me that wether N93 has a TV brodcast reciever like N92 ????

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    Re: N93 Help me!!!!!!

    Hi guravneet! Welcome to Nokia Discussion Boards!!

    I have read that you can connect the Nokia N93 directly to your compatible TV for a widescreen movie experience. But I doubt whether N93 have a TV receiver like N92 REF:http://www.symbianone.com/content/view/3487/


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    Re: N93 Help me!!!!!!

    The N93 does support a TV-out signal with the supplied cable (which means that what the phone displays, can be shown on a TV set/monitor). It has no TV receiver.

    Actually, the N92 doesn't have a "standard" TV-receiver either, but a DVB-H/IPDC receiver (mostly it is used for mobile television, though, but it requires a special network and special broadcast services, too, so one should not expect to (automatically) see the same things (channels) one can see with a TV at home connected to a terrestrial, satellite or cable television broadcast).

    Until there are commercial DVB-H networks, the N92 is not available except to those participating in DVB-H broadcast trials (that is, you can't buy the device in any shop).

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