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    Nokia's increasing arrogance

    I think nowadays Nokia's technicians are so keen to compete with other mobile giants in scopes like size, screen, camera, music, smartOS and so forth, whereas they ignored a few very basic and simple but valuable usage like "differentiate tones of different sender's SMS ". Technically, it's so easy to be fulfilled but by now I haven't seen any Nokia device changes this setting.

    In my homeland China, Nokia's motto "Take human as primary" moved quite a number of Chinese whose money furiously flowed to this Filand giant. Of course, Nokia succeeded in many areas. But with its growing market share and penetration, its growing arrogance might spoil its overall development strategy.

    For example(in addition to my problem):

    1, N70-5(only for mainland China, which reduces the front camera) were labeled 4999 RMB(around 630 USD) and persisting in its first 4 months but at the same time its Europe version(with front camera) were sold 100+ USD less.

    2, Nage Europe version were never sold in mainland China. Apparently its function-shrinking version QD couldn't satisfy most of Chinese users. In fact it fairly hurt the feeling of a number of Chinese users at one time.

    3, After 5510 and N-gage, most of Nokia's popular devices do not support mass storage profile(i.e. U-disk), which makes users extremely inconvenient to exchange data with computer. Your might tell me that PC suite can substitute! But with my own experience of using my own N70 and its PC suite, I'd shout at you "Don't mention it! PC suite is trash!" First, it's too slow. But most annoying "virtue" is NOT of speed, it is frequent "connection lost"!!! Once creating the connection with computer, any phone operation, no matter auto or manual, such as incoming a call or SMS, or alarm from clock or calender, even casually touching a key, the connection would immediately break down!!! And you could never rebuild another connection unless you restart your computer AND your phone!!!(It was said that only newest phones with S60 3rd Edition had resumed this feature.)

    4, The usage of function organs on Nokia's devices are generally inflexible: the cameras only can be used with phone whereas phones with W.M.5 OS can make the camera work with a connected computer through cable fulfilled by software, and, some phones can make flash lamp a source of stable light.

    5, Frustrative alarm clock without repetition, lack of stopwatch.

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    Re: Nokia's increasing arrogance


    you should post that on end-user forum feedback sections, e.g.
    also use more moderated terms to get wider feedback,


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    Re: Nokia's increasing arrogance

    3: All S60 3rd Ed. based devices support USB mass storage class, and I think some of the newer S40 devices, too.

    4: Can be done with "after-market" apps. Some Nokia models have built-in feature to use the camera flash as a "flashlight" (torch). E.g., the N93. Some have it even as a separate feature (5140i). For others (like the N70), there are also "after-market" apps/utility programs for it.

    5: Many "after-market" alarm-clock/stopwatch apps exist (Java or Symbian based). As a workaround one can use the Calendar functions.

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    Re: Nokia's increasing arrogance

    LOL isn't it little funny that you have to pay for something trivial as stopwatch or alarm clock that most other cheap phones have as normal.

    I have Nokia N70 mobile phone and it wasn't cheap. It has simple alarm with same options as my sagem 939 i bought 5 years ago. Cheap siemmens mobile phones come with stopwach but not my nokia.

    It is posted correct in upper post that making connection between phone and computer work is really pan in the a**.

    Need to restart my phone & computer for like 3 times before transfering 2 pictures

    I understand that there is lot of software for nokia that enhances it's options but N70 costs lot of money so some things should be taken in consideration.

    I would rather pay for Opera browser (that comes for free) than program that will make my alarm clock "enhanced" (I mean to bring it to same funcionallity that all others cheep mobile phones have inbuild normally)

    Btw. does anyone know what program gives me option to use my flash as lamp. (Sony Ericsson K700i much ceeper than N70 has it build in )

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