Dear All

I would like to develop an application for making a call conference while calling an outgoing call or receiving an incoming call. For example, once someone calls my mobile phone number. First my mobile phone receives such call and immediately dial a specific number "0184597359". Once mobile phone number "0184597359" receives my call, then make a call conference. On the other hand, after I dial any phone number for an outgoing call, the application will immediately dial a specific number "0184597359" first. Once mobile phone number "0184597359" receives my call, then make an outgoing call and after such number ceceives my then make call conference.

1. I have installed J2ME with NetBeans 5.0 IDE.
2. I am VB6 programmer.
3. Hereunder is sample code that works so well in demonstration;
* Created on July 26, 2006, 10:27 AM

import javax.microedition.midlet.*;
import javax.microedition.lcdui.*;
import javax.microedition.midlet.MIDlet;

* @author STPC66
* @version

public class MidletMA0006 extends MIDlet implements javax.microedition.lcdui.CommandListener {

public MidletMA0006(){

private void initialize(){
public void commandAction(javax.microedition.lcdui.Command command, javax.microedition.lcdui.Displayable displayable) {
if (displayable == welcomeTextBox) {
if (command == exitCommand) {

private javax.microedition.lcdui.TextBox get_welcomeTextBox() {
if (welcomeTextBox == null) {
welcomeTextBox = new javax.microedition.lcdui.TextBox(null, "Hello",240,0x0);
welcomeTextBox.addCommand (get_exitCommand());
return welcomeTextBox;

private javax.microedition.lcdui.Command get_exitCommand() {
if (exitCommand == null) {
exitCommand = new javax.microedition.lcdui.Command("Exit program", javax.microedition.lcdui.Command.EXIT,1);
return exitCommand;

javax.microedition.lcdui.TextBox welcomeTextBox;
javax.microedition.lcdui.Command exitCommand;

public void startApp() {

public void pauseApp() {

public void destroyApp(boolean unconditional) {

//public class MidletMA0006A extends MIDlet implements javax.microedition.midlet.MIDlet.platformRequest {


4. Gopal introduced me use platformRequest().

But I have just been starting C, C++, Java and then J2ME with NetBeans 5.0 IDE respectively.

Please help teaching me since I need to finish it as soon as possible. This application will be used in my company for the news reporters to interview our guest. Before that he had to call our guest, then wrote down and faxed to our news center.

By using the application which I would like to develop, our news center can hear and type by themselves in real time.

Thank you very much in advance.