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    My SMS question deleted!!!

    To: Forum Master
    I've posted three messages using "adayuen" account on 25/9/2002...However, the three messages are deleted.
    May I ask the question one more here? I just want to know whether I can use the Send() function in SDK SMS library with Nokia 3210? I knew that AT command not applied to 3210 so I got no way to send SMS other then waiting for your reply!!!
    Please let me know whether it is possible to send SMS using 3210!

    Thanks a lot!!

    Ada Yuen

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    RE: My SMS question deleted!!!


    I did move some PC SDK questions to PC Connectivity SDK discussion area.
    Nokia 3210 can't be used as modem, there is not any connectivity method available.

    If you would have checked earlier posts you would have find answer for your question...

    Teemu / Forum Nokia

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