I would like to know how the Emulator works withthe Nokia DTL-4 in Series 60 SDK. Suppose, I have my Emulator installed in my PC, then I install the DTL-4 connectivity card in PCI slot. NOw, if I send a SMS message to a Nokia 7650, then what is actually happening? Is it something like, my Emulator is handling all the BT protokol, searching for other BT device, then passing the SMS to the DTL-4 and the DTL-4 is only working as a Physical device(Like a communication wire) and carrying the SMS to the 7650? SO, the Emulator, together with the DTL-4 is working as another Nokia 7650?

And also, If I try to send a SMS from my 7650 to the Emulator through the DTL-4, it will work the same way, in the reverse direction? And can I test something like this without the DTL-4 card?