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    Question Max RMS size for S40 3rd Edition?

    My application is failing after a while with out of memory on a RecordStore.set() call.

    I'm using a 6233 (S40 3rd Ed)

    Question 1.

    What is the max RMS size I can set on this device?

    Question 2.

    If I can't make it big enough I could use the JSR-75 FileConnection stuff. With RMS the writing of records for a very simple database is possible. But I can't see how this kind of functionality can be done via FileConnection as there seems to be no seek type operation from with a DataOutputStream and so on.

    How can a simple database with record updating (as in RMS) be done is JSR-75?

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    Re: Max RMS size for S40 3rd Edition?

    Quote Originally Posted by moamoa
    What is the max RMS size I can set on this device?
    As per Forum_Nokia_Technical_Library_v1_25

    RecordStore maximum size has been increased in Series 40 3rd Edition devices and some Series 40 2nd Edition devices

    Previously there has been a limit of 32K for a single RecordStore in Series 40 devices. Now it has been increased.

    Reported against
    S60 2nd Edition and S60 3rd Edition, Nokia 6230i, Nokia 8800

    Detailed description
    The maximum size of a RecordStore has been increased in the latest Series 40 devices. The maximum size varies between devices, but it can be asked by using the RecordStore.getSizeAvailable() method. The maximum size is, for example, in the Nokia 6230i approximately 130kB and in the Nokia 6270 260kB. The minimum record store size is 32K.

    Hope this link is of some help!


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    Re: Max RMS size for S40 3rd Edition?

    If the max size varies across S40 models, where is the definative list? Should it not be on the phone specification section on Nokia developer site?

    Surely there must be a better way than buying each S40 model in order to run a test application that does rs.getSizeAvailable() ?

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    Re: Max RMS size for S40 3rd Edition?


    unfortunately that varies between implementation and between manufacturers,
    as basic rule we should always follow specs (midp 2.0 here):
    Storage Limits

    The amount of memory available for record-based data storage varies from device to device. The MIDP specification requires devices to reserve at least 8K of non-volatile memory for persistent data storage. The specification does not place any limits on the size of an individual record, but space constraints will vary from device to device. RMS provides methods for determining the size of an individual record, the total size of a record store, and how much memory for data storage remains. Remember that persistent memory is a shared, scarce resource, so be frugal in its use.
    Any MIDlet suite that uses RMS should specify the minimum number of bytes of data storage it requires, by setting the MIDlet-Data-Size attribute, in both the JAR manifest and the application descriptor. Do not set this value any larger than absolutely necessary, as the device may refuse to install a MIDlet suite whose data storage requirements exceed the space available. If the attribute is missing, the device assumes the MIDlet suite requires no space for data storage. In practice, most devices allow applications to exceed their stated space requirements, but do not depend on this behavior.

    Note that some MIDP implementations require you to define additional attributes related to storage requirements -- check device documentation for details.


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