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    Maximize bluetooth connections

    Hello there..
    I know most of the standard bluetooth adapters support 6 or 7 connections at a time. I wonder whether how can I extend this numbers !? I would like to support more (around 50 ?) bluetooth connections (from mobile phomes) from a host computer. Can I use multiple bluetooth adapters ? Anybody tried that ? Which product support maximum connections ? Are there any Bluetooth multiplexers ? I don't want go with a PAN approach.

    This may not be trivial, but any new ideas/hits/links would be greatly appreciated.

    thank u

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    I think BlueZ on Linux supports this with several Bluetooth adapter. Do not ask me for the maximum, however, do not forget that the throughput will be a problem because of the frequency hopping. I have no idea whether BlueZ will do AFH to avoid this, nevertheless, 50 devices are around seven adapters making even AFH useless.

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    Re: Maximize bluetooth connections

    Thank you traud for that info. I still live in my tiny windows world
    I quickly went thru the blueZ site. It looks like they support upto 16 adapters.
    That would be more than enough for me - no details on the throughput however.


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