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    Printing on S60 3rd edition

    Are there any plans to enable printing on S60 3rd edition devices?

    As can be seen by inspecting the SDK, most of the low-level classes needed for printing, are available. Missing is however a .lib for the CPrinterPort-derived classed in pdrprt.dll.

    The document, sheet and presentation apps have a printing function, which looks to be almost identical to the one in S80 v2 in functionality terms.

    There are however no highlevel classes such as a print dialog, a print progress dialog and a print preview dialog. This is in itself not a mayor problem, as they can be created using the lower level classes. It will however not be possible to integrate homegrown printer dialog results with the Printer app that (supposedly) puts the results of printer and bearer selection in some global data section.

    So are there any plans to add such classes to the SDK?

    Sander van der Wal
    mBrain Software

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    Re: Printing on S60 3rd edition

    Hi Sander,
    printing api's are part of the s60 3rd enterprise SDK. If you are a forum nokia pro member, you can download it.



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    Question Re: Printing on S60 3rd edition only for nokia pro members?

    any reason why it is only available for pro members?

    Is there another possibility to get access to it?


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