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Thread: Very Urgent

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    Very Urgent

    I've some urgent questions?

    1. Can any one tell me what is the exact difference between SMS , Smart Messaging & MMS.

    2. How a Cell phone knows what has come either a SMS or Smart Message or MMS??

    3. Is there any way the Cell phone identifies a Email coming from the Service provider? Is there any diff between an Email send to a Cell phone and a SMS?


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    RE: Very Urgent


    1) SMS is a feature of Cellular network (GSM in this case), SMS message is being transferred from originator trough SMSC to recipient top of the GSM signaling channel. Smart Messaging is just a way to add content inside SMS message. It's being delivered exactly as SMS.

    MMS is totally different. MMS message is transferred at higher level of protocols such as WAP and GPRS. Please see "How to create MMS services" document for technology overview.

    2) SMS and Smart Messaging SMS is pushed to phone by SMSC. In MMS case "MMS message indicator" is sent over SMS to the MMS Client at phone, then the client will pick up the MMS message from MMSC.

    3) Some operators might offer e-mail <--> SMS conversions, but it's not specified at GSM specification. You need to ask your service provider how they have implemented their system. so e-mail has nothing to do with SMS.

    Teemu / Forum Nokia

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