I encountered the follwing problem: I downloaded a 3gpp audio file via separate delivery. the download descriptor contains these type attributes:


After confirming the download descriptor the download starts and completes successfully.

After receiving the 900 success from the phone I'll push the license to the phone via WAP-Push (binary SMS, wbxml encoded).

This works all fine. The license representation in xml looks like:
xmlns: o-ex="http://odrl.net/1.1/ODRL-EX"
xmlns: o-dd="http://odrl.net/1.1/ODRL-DD"
<o-ex: permission>
<o-dd: play>
</o-dd: play>
</o-ex: permission>

The handset will start playing the song. If three times of play is left, the the phone prompts me that I can play song for 3, 2 and 1 times again.

If the play-counter stays on 1. The phone tries to open the player, but immediately after opening the player, the phone says the the license is invalid now and i have to get a new license. the last 1 counter is ignored by the phone!

I tried it with a license containing a counter of 1 too. Then the phone says the same. It prompts me to obtain a license although i have a license containing a play counter of 1.

I tried it on a Nokia N70, Firmware v2 and v5. Both phone behave the same.

Has anybody same problems?