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    Compiling but no file compiled

    I downloaded source of keypress.pyd module
    And do this steps
    Edit mmp file ; Import to Carbide.C++.Express and press compile
    File compiled whis no errors BUT theris no file and when i press to the file carbide says not found!
    What i must do ?
    If somebody can please recompile KeyPress module to S60 3Rd edition!

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    Re: Compiling but no file compiled

    Well, if you just push compile (Build?) you will get something created that you can Run or Debug in an emulator and no actual file will show up in the project. So from your description it seems that:
    a) You are seeing what is expected behaviour
    b) You need to read some of the documentation on how to work with Carbide.c++, to understand how it works. You could start from here: http://www.forum.nokia.com/info/sw.n...creencast.html

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