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    Exclamation Carbide.c++ Express unable to findout SDK ???

    I Have installed Carbide.c++ Express Edition v1 with Nokia SDK 'nS60_SDK_2_0_CBuilder' . But When I start New Project 'C++ Application For Series 60' & Press twice Next It Shows No SDK Found . how to configurate SDK wth Carbide.c++ ??

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    Re: Carbide.c++ Express unable to findout SDK ???

    Go to


    Download and install the S60 SDK 3rd Edition for Symbian OS, Fo...

    Get the Second one down on the list and check when you start downloading it should say
    S60-SDK-0616-3[1].0-mr.3.749.zip well it will right now.
    Carbide does not work with the second edition.
    The Maintenance release should replace any other edidtions


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    Re: Carbide.c++ Express unable to findout SDK ???

    Ron's instructions will not help you get a working 2.0 SDK, sorry Ron, but no cigar :-).

    For pre-S60 2nd FP3, there exists 2 versions of the SDK, one for MS (and Borland) and one for CW. You have the 2.0 SDK for MS/Borland and need the CW one to work in Carbide.c++. Download the "other" SDK (second from the bottom in the totally unuseable SDK download window).

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