Hi All,
I tried to send a message larger than 160 characters but when the 2 parts of the message are received(on Nokia N-gage) they are not merged but some headers(junk characters) appear on each message.i.e they both appear as separate messages with some junk chars at the begiining on the phone.
The encoding I used was 7-bit and phone's SMSC was used. Here are the details

addshadshdsjkashskjdshaksdnmznxcmzxcnbmzxcbnxczmbnzxcmxcbnklsfdjfdlksfjddlfjsdlsdfjfdkldfjlsfkdjdflsffskdjdssfdmnbmnxbcmvbvvbmnbvmnccbxcmvnmnxcvbxcvmEndStartof new message

1st PDU:-

2nd PDU

Can somebody plz tell where I am going wrong? The UDH for the two messages from above are
UDH for 1st PDU :- 050003250201
UDH for 2nd PDU :- 050003250202

Thanks for the help in advance.