Did you ever try to write symbian application from the scratch? It costs a lot of time to add some components. And if you want to do some easy task, for instance play audio file or receive sms, you must also to add a lot of code for this to bring it working. I got an idea to write an engine based on XML parser, which will done all necessary job for you automatically. Forget on memory leaks if you are initialising and deinitialising your components, everything is done automatically. Main idea is to define all components you want to use and inside your code you will add application logic only for it. There is a lot of to do to make it perfect but I am bringing first demo how I imagine to develop fast and quality application. Now only some custom components are implemented, but I am planning to add a support to classic symbian AVKON components (like listbox, grid, menu, message boxes etc...) Also, here will be a possibility to very easy write your own graphics user interface. Now, XML definition files are outside a project, i am planning later to add a possibilty to include xml data directly in the application (already pre-parsed) for case when developers don't wish to change their data by user.