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    Calendar problems in Nokia 3250

    Hi all,
    I bought a Nokia 3250 mobile a month ago and faced two problems in the calendar program:
    1- When setting a repeated meeting and setting the alarm... it won't give any alarm! but if it is a non repeated meeting the alarm starts on time correctly.
    2- When I set a repeated meeting on the calendar for example on 20-7-2006 and ends on 25-7-2006. If I open the day 21-7-2006 and edit the event to be non repeated. I recieve a system error message and the calendar program closes!

    Does this bug occured to any of you who have 3250? Are these problems happening in all 3250s or it is a problem in mine only?


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    Re: Calendar problems in Nokia 3250

    No replies!
    Can Any one who have Nokia 3250 just check these steps on their phone and tell my if he got them or not?

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