SyncML DM protocol can be used to set device specific settings.

Query -1
Infact "Introduction_To_Advance_Device_Management_v1_0_en[2].pdf" document on
talks about using SyncML DM to set all the Nokia UI properties like Screen savers, wall papers , start up graphics etc. All this has been supported on Series 60 3rd editionn devices.

I want to know if it can be possible to set the default ring tone as well on these devices.

Query -2
Similarly the document "Series 40 Platform 3rd edition: OMA Device Management" talks about "Customization and Configuration Management Object" which says that many customization features for Series 40 3rd edition devices will be implemented.

So i would like to know where can i get information about all these customization and configuration objects for Series 40 and what device properties that refer to.

Query -3
Is there any implementation of SyncML DM on Series 40 2nd edition and Series 60 2nd edition devices ?

Query -4
As mentioned in Query-1 , it is possible to change some properties of the S60 3rd edition devices (e.g start up graphics, screenn savers) using SyncML DM and Advance Device Management.
Is there any similar thing for Series 60 2nd edition and Series 40 2nd edition device?