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    Download not working

    I am trying to download Nokia Mobile Internet Toolkit but the download link does not work....

    Can someone please email it to me at eski009@gmail.com , make it available, or tell me an alternative location to download it.


    Download Failure

    Request information:

    Request ID: 26571
    URI: http://sw.nokia.com/id/f156b8e9-1dcd...8e/NMIT_41.zip
    Error Message: No metadata found for the uri: http://sw.nokia.com/id/f156b8e9-1dcd...8e/NMIT_41.zip

    Your download could not be completed. Please try again later. If the problem persists, please send feedback.

    When reporting errors to us please let us know also these details:

    * name or the URI of the file you were trying to download,
    * exact date and time for downloading,
    * your country and city,
    * your IP address,
    * browser you are using and the version number,
    * request ID above
    * URL of this error page and the error message above and
    * if you are using a download manager (which one).

    This information will help us in solving the problem.
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    Re: Download not working


    first try sending mail with request to FN Team for direct donwload:


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    Re: Download not working

    infact i also faced same problem

    but keep on trying to download again and again
    and see the file size for each unsuccessful downloads it should increase for each trials
    finally you will get full size get downloaded

    this is bcs of your internet connction may inturrupting while downloading

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