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    Browser characteristics

    i am working in a content providing office
    i have direct access to some of our operator(e.g. AKTEL)
    we use SMPP V3.4
    i can send wap push SI to my nokia 3230 phone using my application. this thing works fine.
    according to nokia forum's browser characteristic documents, my phone supports wap push SL also.
    but when i send wap push SL it works just like SI except cache execute mode. in cache execution mode my phones GPRS sysbol moves but afterwards it become normal.
    the same SL sms works nice on 3120 and 7650i model.
    did i miss any settings for that?
    plz help me?

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    Re: Browser characteristics

    hi milon,
    if you are content developer try different section:
    that's end-customer section here,

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