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    Help please to connect 9500 to Netgear DG834Gv3 wireless

    I am a long suffering user of communicators. I had a 9000i, a 9110i and now a 9500 (I skipped the 9210 because of bad press!).

    When the Communicator was almost as big as Daktari Walkie-Talkies, I could exploit it to the full, and indeed I spent many hours helping a large number of CompuServe users around the world configure their Communicator for CompuServe use.

    However, despite owning my 9500 since December 2004, I have found the 9500 browsing and email package, the rip-off cost of data calls and now Wi-Fi network setup/security so complex/flakey and time-wasting that I have hardly bothered with it.

    Until now. I have just taken delivery of a DG834Gv3 broadband modem router which works just fine but my 9500 can see it but not browse through it. I am used to dud Internet connections on the 9500. Just before the World Cup I was in Germany and it took me 90 minutes of mucking about to place a bid on an eBay item costing £10 with numerous browser crashes. I almost missed the end of the auction! When I got home I found the data calls had cost me £10 alone!

    I have read a lot of items in Nokia forums about this Wi-fi can see but not browse kind of problem, and there seem to be lots of leads and dead end ideas. I have found nothing which is Netgear and 9500 specific and apologise if I simply haven't searched hard enough in the archives.

    My ISP is AOL, but I don't think that is crucial in this instance. I am still using the original soft/firmware in the 9500 (4.44(1)).

    Can one of you kind folks perhaps spare some time to help me like I used to help 9000 owners get connected with CompuServe?



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    Re: Help please to connect 9500 to Netgear DG834Gv3 wireless

    Oh well, seem to be talking to myself here. I guess this kind of stuff is too trifling for busy 'developers'.

    Anyway, I believe in sharing knowledge which perhaps is an unfashionable trait in some circles. I have had a degree of success in solving the problem myself now so here's what I discovered:

    Like many others complaining of WLAN connection problems in these forums, including those with brand new 2006 Nokia handsets, mine was solved by trial and error starting from a totally insecure WLAN (not mine I hasten to add).

    It appears that it isn't enough to set up an Access Point and corresponding WEP or other security from within Tools/Control Panel/Connections/Wireless LAN/Networks after discovering a new network there. The 9500 browser can't use the access point in that state.

    It appears that after setting up the Access Point as above it is necessary (on a 9500 anyway) to go into Tools/Control Panel/Connections/Internet setup and setup a New Internet Access Point using the Wireless LAN Access Point. It also seems you have to duplicate the security settings there under "Advanced" e.g. the WEP shared key. And finally, it seems that under Advanced settings the first two settings can be set to Auto, but the third (IPv6 DNS mode)should be set to "Well known" and not to DCHP as might be expected when used with a DCHP router like mine.

    With hindsight I have now searched a PDF copy of the User Guide and found "If you select Yes for the IPv4 protocol, the DNS (domain name server) address is obtained automatically from the server. The respective value for the IPv6 protocol is Well known. DNS is an Internet service that translates domain names such as www.nokia.com into IPv4 addresses like, or IPv6 addresses like 3ffe:2650:a640:1c2:341:c39:14. If you select No for the IPv4 protocol, or Manual for the IPv6 protocol, you must specify theIP addresses for the primary and secondary DNS servers."

    I think that means that if you select Yes (for Autoretrieve DNS) with the IPv4 protocol then the IPv6 protocol has to be manually set to "Well known" and no other value or it won't work.

    There is a Nokia WLAN Internet Access Point already set up by default (with no security) which is mentioned in the guide but I have no idea what it can be used for.

    I hope these non-professional observations may be of assistance to other struggling WLAN device owners and I thank the anonymous owner of the non-secured belkin54g in my apartment block for their unwitting assistance in my connectivity experiments. They would no doubt be pleased to hear that I am now able to use my own (WEP secured) connection and have no further use for theirs!

    Having finally got some access to "free" 9500 browsing via my normal broadband provider, I have confirmed my long held concern that the browser in my 9500 seems incapable of displaying much that is taken for granted in PC browsers. Whilst a few years ago that might not have been surprising, I am surprised that I still can't book my Ryanair flights on my 9500 (the drop down destination list mysteriously doesnt display Aarhus in my version of the browser and thats where I want to go!), I can't bid and pay on eBay, and apparently can't use internet banking on it either (so I am told by Nokia). Problems with some variants of internet banking I can just about understand, but Ryanair and eBay not working well on a 9500?? Why not?

    And another thing! A lack of a Blackberry style push email client has long been a frustration in Communicators. I have heard that some kind of push client is available for 9500 now, but I don't know how to get it.

    I know my local electricity meter-reader's life seems to revolve around a 9500, but personally, all in all, I am left wondering what exactly the 9500 excels at, apart from sending text messages from a QWERTY keyboard. That's basically the only use mine has had since December 2004 or will have had until it gets replaced I guess! Consequently (because I have pressed it ten times a day for 20 months) the silly, one-sided plastic hinge under the Send (text) button gave out three months ago. It is currently held in place by sellotape awaiting innovative proposals / development of a more attractive solution.

    Bye for now!

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    Re: Help please to connect 9500 to Netgear DG834Gv3 wireless

    There's a Nokia operated phone user's discussion forum on http://discussions.europe.nokia.com/discussions

    Also others with less developer-oriented participants on
    http://my-symbian.com/forum/ and

    There are several things that impact the browsing experience:
    - Some web sites do browser detection and refuse access or take you to some error page or less functional version, if they don't recognize the browser (that is, if it isn't Internet Explorer, or sometimes if it isn't IE, Netscape or Firefox - a common PC browser, in other words).
    - Sites depending on embedded Java (not JavaScript, mind you, but J2SE), Flash, ShockWave or ActiveX controls will not work (the 9500 browser supports Flash 6, if my memory serves me right, but not never versions).
    - With very large pages, the browser might simply run out of run-time memory (dynamic RAM) to load and render the page (Symbian does not support extending physical RAM by using disk space; so called, paging).

    So, if a banking site is designed to depend on things above, then you may not be able to access. I can't think of any other reasons; the browser supports regular HTML, JavaScript and CSS, and it also supports access via a secure HTTPS/SSL connection.

    Also, you might consider reviewing the E61, if it is a phone model that better fits your needs:

    For both the E61 and 9500 (or maybe it was only for the 9300/9300i, I'm not sure, but they're compatible in that sense = same apps work) there is a BlackBerry software client.

    Not sure how the 9500 version is distributed (apparently, at least through some operators supporting BlackBerry), but the E61 client is here:

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    9500 Dropdown Bug in my 4.44(1)

    Thanks petrib. I stumbled on some Nokia links to a number of Third Party Symbian products last night as it happens. I downloaded something from Intellisync which I might try out if I get a moment.

    The reason I posted here in the first place is because the links to the user discussion forum from the main Nokia website are scarce. I arrived here last weekend by mistake after Googling for other observations of 9500 WLAN connectivity problems, and when I arrived I recognised that this was the developers forum. I made numerous quick backtracks to try to find a users forum as I had seen some indication that there might be one, but failed to arrive there.

    So, I gave up, and as I have a little developer experience in some small ways, and I notice that Nokia people actually take notice of some of the stuff here, I thought it might be useful to bring some real world observations to this arena.

    As regards my browser experience, I have this morning been setting up some Bookmarks on my 9500 in order to check flight information relating to a flight I am meeting this evening.

    I can now report I am 100% confident there's a bug in the 9500 browser in relation to the way it presents dropdown boxes. It may well have been reported before and fixed in software versions later than my 4.44(1), but no-one has bothered to tell me. I just get Nokia telling me that because my 9500 is 20 months old and because I bought it in UK four months too early, not elsewhere in Europe where a standard 24 month guarantee would have been my ticket if I could point to a problem, to get a software upgrade I must pay for it. Wonderful. I thought I was a proper customer but now find I was a beta-tester, and I must pay extra to become a proper customer? Is that how it works?

    In my last post, I described how I couldnt see Aarhus in the destination dropdown box on the Ryanair site. Well after I posted, I realised that actually if I selected Alghero then I got Aarhus data. I was actually begrudgingly prepared to accept that maybe Ryanairs implementation was simply incompatible with the browser interpretation, and whilst I thought that was daft, I didnt worry too much about it.

    However this morning I thought I'd be kind to the 9500 browser and not overload it by accessing a low overhead area in the Spanish Airports site aena.es. They have a page optimised for PDAs. It's http://pda.aena.es.

    Guess what? They use dropdown boxes in their Advanced Search routine for flight Origin and Destination. Sound familiar? Guess what else is familiar when it is viewed on a 9500?

    Yep. The dropdown boxes display data one step out of synch. If I want to see flights from ALMERIA to LONDRES/STANSTED then of course I must select ASTURIAS to MADRID-BARAJAS. Easy eh?

    Well actually no. I think I'd find that very annoying if I was roaming at £3 or worse per MB in Spain, so it is a rather lucky plus that I managed to finally get my low cost WLAN connection here at home working before I attempted to unravel some of the mysteries of the Nokia 9500 Browsing Experience!

    When I connect via GPRS this evening I now have my ASTURIAS to MADRID-BARAJAS Bookmark nicely set up in the confident expectation that I shall be able to view flights from Almeria to Stansted! I don't think I will try to explain why I have done that to anyone other than you lot reading this!

    Now then, I first hand-coded a dropdown box in HTML oh, only about 11 years ago I think. I'm sure I'd be pretty embarassed if 11 years later I wasn't getting it right if I was daring to publish my code!

    So if there is a message for Nokia and developers here, it is please spare a thought for the users. We don't just buy these things as the latest "toy", or with a view to putting ourselves through the obstacle course which is the detritus of the latest coding battlefield just to see if we can survive it. No Sir. We like things to work right out of the box and to perform simply as advertised, and no less.



    PS If anyone reading this can influence an improvement to my expensive 20 month old UK bought 9500 (improved software and a fixed Send text button inside would be good) then that would be appreciated.

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