I am a long suffering user of communicators. I had a 9000i, a 9110i and now a 9500 (I skipped the 9210 because of bad press!).

When the Communicator was almost as big as Daktari Walkie-Talkies, I could exploit it to the full, and indeed I spent many hours helping a large number of CompuServe users around the world configure their Communicator for CompuServe use.

However, despite owning my 9500 since December 2004, I have found the 9500 browsing and email package, the rip-off cost of data calls and now Wi-Fi network setup/security so complex/flakey and time-wasting that I have hardly bothered with it.

Until now. I have just taken delivery of a DG834Gv3 broadband modem router which works just fine but my 9500 can see it but not browse through it. I am used to dud Internet connections on the 9500. Just before the World Cup I was in Germany and it took me 90 minutes of mucking about to place a bid on an eBay item costing £10 with numerous browser crashes. I almost missed the end of the auction! When I got home I found the data calls had cost me £10 alone!

I have read a lot of items in Nokia forums about this Wi-fi can see but not browse kind of problem, and there seem to be lots of leads and dead end ideas. I have found nothing which is Netgear and 9500 specific and apologise if I simply haven't searched hard enough in the archives.

My ISP is AOL, but I don't think that is crucial in this instance. I am still using the original soft/firmware in the 9500 (4.44(1)).

Can one of you kind folks perhaps spare some time to help me like I used to help 9000 owners get connected with CompuServe?