Dear all,
I am using Nokia PC connectivity SDK 2.0 for Nokia Card Phone 2.0.
I did a sample code using Visial Basic to read SMS from the SIM card present in the Card Phone. I was able to do that. Now I want to display the time at which the SMS is received. So I used get_SCTimeStamp method...but it says
VB compiler error
ByRef argument type mismatch
and it points to the mlYear parameter in the following code...which i could not figure out what exactly is....
Please help me what is wrong in it...

Code piece...
Public Function ReadSMSMessage()
On Error GoTo ErrorHandler

Call puISMSMemory.Read(miMemoryType, miMemoryIndex, objMsg, 1)

msSMSText = objMsg.UserDataText
msSenderAddress = objMsg.OtherEndAddress
Call objMsg.get_SCTimeStamp(mlYear, mlMonth, mlDay, mlHour, mlMinutes, mlSeconds, mlTimeZone)

msMessageDateTime = mlDay & "/" & mlMonth & "/" & mlYear & " " & mlHour & ":" & mlMinutes & ":" & mlSeconds & " " & mlTimeZone

AdapterError = puISMSMemory.GetLastError
msErrDesc = GetErrDesc(AdapterError)
End Function

Thanks for your time