Can anyone help me in getting, respective Metro TRK for P910. I searched a hell lot of discussion forums, documents, pdfs, Updated with Codewarrior patches, But didn't find the ready TRK .sis file. Gone through, Sony erricson website, Freescale website, Nokia website, but failed to get enough info. I have Codewarrior OEM 3.1. I downloaded the source for TRK with the package name as "MetroTrk_v1.10", but without a .pkg file. It has dlls, app and the exe. Atleast can anyone help me out building the package and install it on the phone. I am not understanding why is it so difficult to get a TRK .sis file. Least help and documentations :-(. As am trying with an evaluation version of Codewarrier, immediate help will be very much helpful for me.

Thanks & Regards,