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    Problems with Output on the screen on real device


    I wrote a simple app that should print out a given text on the screen, after I start a special point in the optionsmenu of my app, the text should be given out on the screen. (Look at the red part)

    My code is the following:
    void CFarbtestsAppUi::HandleCommandL(TInt aCommand)
    switch ( aCommand )
    case EAknSoftkeyBack:
    case EEikCmdExit:

    case EFarbtestsCmdAppTest:
    // Info message shown only in the emulator

    // Load localized message from the resource file
    HBufC* message = CEikonEnv::Static()->AllocReadResourceLC(R_MESSAGE_TEXT);
    // Show information note dialog
    CAknInformationNote* note = new (ELeave) CAknInformationNote;

    case EFarbtestsCmdAppOutput:
    CConsoleBase* console = Console::NewL(KTxtTITLE, TSize(KConsFullScreen,KConsFullScreen));

    console->Printf(_L("Hello Alex\n\n"));

    CleanupStack::PopAndDestroy(); // close console

    Compiling works fine, debugging in the emulator works fine.
    Also the output (the text:"Hello Alex") is writen in the window.

    So I thought, lets test it on a real device.
    Therefore I built the project. Also worked without problems.
    Then I installed it on my real device (Nokia N70) an started it there.

    The "Test"-Command with the confirmation-note works well.
    but when I start the "Output"-Command I only get a white screen and no Text is shown there.

    So that is my problem I don´t understand. Everything worked well in the Emulator. But on the real device I only get this white screen with NO text written on it.

    Maybe somebody knows why and could help me.

    P.S. I´m using MS VS.NET + Carbide.vs + SDK 2.0 and as real device a Nokia N70

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    Re: Problems with Output on the screen on real device

    Does really nobody know an answer for my problem?
    Maybe the Nokia professionals, can help me.
    So please help.

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