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    Question Receiving SMS at port 0

    Hi all,

    My aplication will comunicate (though SMS) with a PLC that´s connected to a GSM Modem, but the GSM Modem won´t send the message to a specific port. So, I´ve tried to listen the SMS message at port 0 (zero), but when the message arrives it goes to inbox.
    Anyone knows if has a way to receive this message at port 0 ? Or I will have to do this with Symbiam ?!


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    Re: Receiving SMS at port 0

    Hi netomarin,

    AFAIK in JME there's no way to "intercept" messages that are addressed to the native Inbox, unfortunately. Here in FN there are threads discussing this issue i guess...just search the forum.

    I think you can achieve that using Symbian C++. Try to ask this same question on the C++ section - http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...isplay.php?f=6



    Juarez Jr

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