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    How can I help with Window CE support?

    I want to develop and support your Windows CE driver efforts particularly for embedded uses. I am a Microsoft embedded MVP and my company supplies Windows CE reference designs, drivers, board support packages to OEM customers (including Microsoft). I also teach advanced Windows CE classes (www.specialcomp.com) and would like to add this subject matter as a "Missing Lab" in our course option. By the way, we are the Windows CE Platform Builder CEPC supplier to OEM customers of Microsoft Automotive PC and PocketPC SmartPhone, etc.

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    RE: How can I help with Window CE support?

    At Forum Nokia there is an SDK available for download. Latest build 10 of the SDK provides for example: Support for Windows CE 3.0. Also support for Unicode SMS and Unicode picture SMS have been added.

    SDK provides building blocks for applications written for using Nokia D211 multimode radio card services. You can implement services built on Nokia D211 service sets, such as wireless LAN, GSM or GPRS based applications.

    Applications that use Nokia D211 interface library require Windows 98 SE or later operating system.

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    Nokia D211 Support

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