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    Symbian indentation in carbide.c++


    I've been using carbide.c++ lately. I really like it, but I wonder if anyone knows a way to configure the indentation it uses? I'd like to have a classic Symbian indentation, i.e.

    void MyFunctionL()
    <tab>// here goes code

    - Mikko

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    Re: Symbian indentation in carbide.c++

    Indentation in Carbide.c++ is done by the CDT Editor which Carbide does not modify in any way. So basically the answer lies with CDT 2.1 documentation. What you might be looking for is a Code formatted (See Preferences -> C++ -> Code formatter). This features enables you to install a external code formatter. So you could conceptually develop one or try your favourite search engine to find one that does what you want, I have a vague memory of seeing some formatter a long time ago, sorry no pointers.

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    Re: Symbian indentation in carbide.c++


    Works great, make sure you have Java 5 (JRE v1.5) installed!


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