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    Angry Nokia 6030 with AT Commanda & Connectivity

    I have nokia 6030 phone. recently i bought a Data cable. It has 2 jacks. One for PC USB and another for the Phone. After i plugged the phone and installed the drivers, PC created COM4 virtual port.

    After that some Mobile phone editors are working (Ex: Oxygen Phone Manage).But Nokia PC suite is not working.

    I used HyperTerminal to send AT commands from the PC to the phone. HyperTerminal get connected.
    But when I type AT command, it doesn’t give any responds (Ex: OK). Why is that? Nokia 6030 doesn’t support AT Commands? are there other commands for this phone? Please help me to do this?


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    Re: Nokia 6030 with AT Commanda & Connectivity

    I believe Nokia AT commands do not work because it is not a Modem. PC Connectivity does not list 6030 as a supported device.

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