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    6620 Firmware Problem

    I have a 6620 that is in Warranty, i've taked the phone to a official nokia support center because the clock phone had a delayed of 10 minutes per month.
    I take it and the people of the center told me that it need a change of firmware. So they changed it to the version:
    V 3.14.1

    I have a lot of problem with the people of the service, they scratched my phone, they erased my information of the phone without telling me that they will do that. Now the phone is working worst that ever, i loose signal everywere (i don't have signal in my home, and i've never had that problem before). I need to know how can i contact a people from Nokia in USA, because the attention in Argentina is horrible.

    Any answer will be appreciated.

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    Re: 6620 Firmware Problem

    alejon, the support center should have upgraded it to 4.22.1, that is the latest firmware version for 6620 in your region to my knowledge. Please contact the service center once more and ask this specific version.


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