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    M2M Nokia 30 performance better than using normal phone device?


    We are developing an SMS based application where we will be sending high volumes of SMS. We are presently testing the application using 8250 phone, Connectivity SDK and an IR port during the pre-Alpha stage.

    We would however like to scale the application first to a stage where we can send/receive about 600 messages a second (beta), and then to 12000 messages a seconds (production). Can we just purchase the Nokia M2M 30 (without Gateway) to initially give us a way of sending SMSs more reliably than using normal Nokia mobile phones?

    Can Nokia 30 M2M devices send more SMS per second than a normal Nokia phone? At the moment, we are sending messages at the rate of 8 message per minute using a regular phone. We would prefer to delay direct connect to SMSC due to expense of leased line connection until the production phase.

    Is the performance of the M2M devices limited by SIM technology (i.e. would we be better off scaling to direct communications with SMSC using a leased line)?

    We will eventually be connecting to the service provider using SMPP/UCP. Does the M2M gateway support SMPP communications or just UCP? Does the Application Development Kit also support such communications?




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    RE: M2M Nokia 30 performance better than using normal phone device?


    Typically one SMS-C connection can transfer about 100 SMS/min. One Gateway (not Nokia M2M Trial Gateway) can handle many SMS-C connections at the same time. With data calls the data rate depends on the used data transfer speed, the call setup time and ultimately on the number of modems the gateway has for terminal communications. The number of terminals can range from 100 to over 100000.

    The Nokia 30 works like normal Nokia Mobile phone so it works as relably as normal Nokia Mobile phone. So it can not send more SMS per second than a normal Nokia phone.
    Nokia M2M Application Development Kit does not use SMS-C to transfer SMS. Terminals uses AT commands to send sms messages between two terminals.

    Supported SMS centre manufacturers are:
    Nokia SMS-C (CIMD 2.0 protocol, Computer Interface to Message Distribution)
    Logica-Aldiscon SMS-C (SMPP protocol)
    CMG SMS-C1 (UCP 3.2-3.5 protocol)
    Sema SMS-C (SMPP or UCP 3.2-3.5 protocols)
    UCP version between 3.2 and 3.5 is required in certain SMS centres, because the WAP UDH header is being used.

    Nokia M2M Trial Gateway supports SMS and CSD bearers.
    Nokia M2M Corporate Edition and Service Provider Edition support SMS, USSD, CSD, HSCSD and GPRS bearers, your GSM operator must support these bearers if you wanna you use some of these. You could use CSD, HSCSD OR GPRS bearers if you want to transfer lof of data.

    You can find more information about Nokia M2M Gateway Service Provider edition and Nokia M2M Gateway Corporate edition here:


    M2M Developer Support Team

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    RE: M2M Nokia 30 performance better than using normal phone device?

    We have a similar problem...We would like to be able to deliver a response to an incoming SMS within 10-15 seconds. We are using the Nokia 30 into a Linux box and the quickest response that we see from sending an SMS onthe handset to receiving the response is around 20 seconds. The Linux box is taking less than 1/2 second! Is this typical or are there settings that we can use on the Nokia 30 that make it quicker?

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    RE: M2M Nokia 30 performance better than using normal phone device?

    We have a similar problem with latency. We are providing an SMS service and would like the user to wait no longer than 15 seconds from sending the request to receiving their response. Presently we are using the Nokia 30 connected to a Linux box and we are getting a response time of around 20 seconds! This time seems to be be exclusively the time that the Nokia 30 takes to send the response. Are there any settings that we can change to speed up this response?

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