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    Installation of S60 3rd ed. C++ SDK fails with carbide.vs

    I installed carbide.vs 2.0.1. After starting Visual C++ .NET, carbide appears as an add-in and I can create a Symbian OS project with my existing SDK (S60 2nd FP 2 for .NET). However, I cannot install 3rd ed. SDK, neither Version 1.0 (Dec 22, 2005) nor Version 1.1 (maintenance release, June 6, 2006). The installer exits without any message after the first screen ("configuring your new software installation"). Any ideas?


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    Re: Installation of S60 3rd ed. C++ SDK fails with carbide.vs

    rohs, let me point one thing for you.
    I am not a Nokia expert but i have done a lot of battle
    with VS 2003 .NET and Carbide.vs XXX.XXX versions.
    When you happen to have installed the add-on tool,
    then rises up new one problem -> How to install the
    SDK documents on the MSDN environment !

    I know that most of MS Visual Studio guys want to continue
    with their "home environment", but i think that you have
    absolutely heard about Carbide.c++, that Nokia has
    produced for S60 developers. Just start to use Carbide.c++.
    It is a futere tool and Carbide.c++ Express is free tool
    that you can download from Forum Nokia.

    Carbide.c++ Express is not a perfect tool but in near
    future Nokia will introduce new Carbide.c++ tools
    ( Developer and Professional versions ).

    Carbide.c++ Developer price is about 300 euros (according
    the knowledge from the Nokia's site ) and that tool
    will be the tool that you can produce for example
    GUI layouts.

    Here the site for you showing some sceenshots of the new Carbide.c++ :

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    Re: Installation of S60 3rd ed. C++ SDK fails with carbide.vs


    Check the requirements for 3rd edition SDK. Read the installation guide pdf


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