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    Symbian app installation problem on N80...


    I'm developing applications for mobile phones under Symbian OS. I'm using for that Carbide C++,SDK 3rd v9.1 and mobile phone Nokia N80-Symbian OS 9.1. My problem is that when I want to install any application as sis file I get such short error notice and after that the installation is over:"Certificate may not yet be valid,is expired or phone's date setting may not be correct",the date on mobile phone is correct, I have got the certificate from nokia and key...when I build application..in properties in GCCE Realese, where build sis option is, I include those two files :BCSphone.cer and BCSphone.key..ooo and I choose S60 3.x GUI Application when constructing project...

    My question is what I'm doing now wrong???...I because even example code doesn't want to install I mean "HelloCarbide" without including cer and key...on N80...

    Maybe in some way I wrongly construct the application or maybe sholud be that the name of my application should be the same as the name of certificate and key???

    And I can't sign application without testing it on the phone if it works-my app concers usage of bluetooth....

    Thanks for help

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    Re: Symbian app installation problem on N80...

    I am wondering whether it is because the date of your phone does not fall into the vailid period of time contained in your certificate.

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