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    Can be Symbian SDK for 3rd Edition installed to Borland IDE

    have anyone tried to install Symbian SDK for 3rd Edition (Symbian V9.1) to be working with Borland IDE (Builder 6.0 or BDN 2006)?
    I have known, that there is SDK for Symbian 2nd Edition Feat. Pack 2 for Borland Builder X, but when I want to develop SW for new version of Symbian, I don't want to buy MS Visual Studio or CodeWarriors when I use Borland. And Carbide.c++ Express is not free for Commercial, I think.
    Any Ideas?
    Thanks a lot.

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    Re: Can be Symbian SDK for 3rd Edition installed to Borland IDE

    Don't know about the more recent Borland stuff but at least previously the SDK contained a very complex XML file that was needed for the Borland IDE to "find and use" the SDK. In recent SDKs (including the 3.0) this file is no longer included and hence should pretty much prevent the use of the SDK..

    Also the more recent SDKs are no longer based on MS tools which are used in Borland (or at least used to be), yet one more nail in the Borland coffin :-(.


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    Re: Can be Symbian SDK for 3rd Edition installed to Borland IDE

    AFAIK, 3rd edition SDKs are currently only working with carbide & metroweks.


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