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    Nokia 3250 Media Player Problems

    I have Windows XP Professional OS on my Comp. When I connect Nokia 3250 to the computer via data cable thru' USB in Media Player mode, The system detects the Nokia 3250 as portable Media Device but the installation stops stating that there are no available drivers found to install this device.

    the 3250 runs Properly when in PC Suite Mode and Data Transfer mode. but it does not detects the 3250 in Media player Mode

    Plz help me guys

    Thanx. . .

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    Re: Nokia 3250 Media Player Problems

    The Problem has not got an solution

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    Re: Nokia 3250 Media Player Problems


    After a long time of struggling I've finally managed to get my Nokia 3250 to sync with Windows Media Player 11 on Windows XP.

    In the sales package and on the Nokia website they only have the driver for Media Player 10 and I could never get this to work.

    However, I stumbled across this link today: http://www.mail-archive.com/nokia_fo.../msg04164.html

    and used the Nokia_3250_WMP11_driver.inf and it worked first time.

    Just right click and download the .inf file to your PC.

    Conenct your 3250 with a datacable and choose "Media Player" mode on the phone.

    When the add new hardware wizard starts make sure you add the folder where you saved the .inf file to the list of places to search for a driver.

    Let it install and thats it.

    Start Windows Media Player 11 and click the Sync tab and your phone should be in the list.

    Now just drag the songs from your library to the phones playlist on the right and then click Start Sync.


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