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    Arrow SOS: SYMBIAN PANIC ERRORS in a BT connecton! Can you solve this?

    Hi people!

    That issue is driving me crazy! I think it isn't due to a firmware/J2ME implementation problem but I'm not sure. Maybe I'm doing something wrong!

    I've been working 6 months with a Nokia 9500 phone. I'm programming a bluetooth application which intends to connect with other BT device (SPP profile). The application reads information from one side , processes it and then sends it to a server which hostes in a PC.

    My problem takes place in the Nokia 9500 which paints the most of times the same SYMBIAN PANIC ERROR and closes inmediately the app when I'm reading data from the SPP BT connection or when I'm starting to read from it.
    It's very rare because it sometimes appears other times doesn't appear and I've tested the same program in other MIDP 2.0 mobiles (Nokia N70 and Nokia 6680) and I've never observed that SYMBIAN PANIC ERROR.

    This particular panic error is:

    Program: Main
    Reason code: KERN-EXEC
    Number Code: 3

    Do you know reading this Symbian message if I may do something wrong in the Inquiry BT process?

    On the other hand, other SYMBIAN PANIC messages appear when the BT
    connection is dropped and I try to RECONNECT to the same device! I make
    the reconnection 3-5 seconds after the link is dropped! In Nokia 9500 the reconnection fails and appears other SYMBIAN ERRORS like this:

    Program: jes-dc-java-comms@14435d OR jes-e3-java-comms@14435d ...
    Reason code: E32USER-CBase
    Number Code:40

    But in N70 the reconnection works perfectly! Do I have to wait any time (10-30 seconds or more) before trying to reconnect?

    I've read some information about those PANIC ERRORS in the SYMBIAN website (http://www.symbian.com/developer/tec...erence%2eindex) but I haven't found the way to sort this problem out!

    In other Thread (http://www3.symbian.com/faq.nsf/0/F1...D?OpenDocument)a SYMBIAN developer says that it's a manufacturer's problem because
    the J2ME-BT implementation has an underlying defect in the implementation!

    What about udgrading my firmware? Will the update change the VM and fix the possible J2ME bugs ?

    Some SW and HW DATA: firmware version=4.51(0), HW revision =1, SW revision=256 and
    SW build=592 (Data obtained from SysExplorer application).

    Thanks in advance. I admit all type of suggestions!

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    Re: SOS: SYMBIAN PANIC ERRORS in a BT connecton! Can you solve this?

    could be closed or merged:

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